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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Red Line Racing

The Red Line Race Track is an 1/8 mine drag trach where races are held regularly to anyone who wants to race. We went to see Pro Stock racers and it was very fun to watch. The fastest time I saw was 4.02 secconds. My favourite car was a blue Pontiac. It wasn't actualy that quick but it was the best looking car at the show. One part of the day that I wasn't expecting was when they sung the American National Anthem and it sounded different than I remembered it. There were also bikes and some drag cars at the races that ran slightly slower and I didn't find them very interesting. One of dads friends was at the race aswell but he was on the spectator side of the track (we were in the pits) and when we went over to see him he wasn't there anymore. We called him and he said that he had just left so we watched some more cars run on the other side. This time we were fight next to the finishing line which was no wehre near as good as being in the grandstand so we ended up going home because it was getting pretty late.


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