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This is my blog on my trip to America to see my dad and visit all the interesting places around Texas.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Johnson Space Centre.

This Space Center was a very interesting place to visit. We had to drive down to Heuston which took us a 5 hour drive. The centre included a tram tour which was what I found the most interestering. We got to see the old mission controll room which had a lot of old computers that were no more powerful then my laptop that I am using to write this blog. There were mission patches in the controll room that are designed by the the crew of the flights. We also got taken to a room where there were lots of rockets and different things being built.

There was also interactive activities including simulators and movies to watch. There was a lady that talked to us about NASA and she semed to know a lot about the histrory of space exploration. I found this to be very interesting and there was a lot to be learnt by being at the Johnson Space Centre. It had also changed a lot since we were last there over 10 years ago.


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