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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Disney Pixars Cars is a movie that can apeal to the whole family as most toher movies made by Pixar and Disney do. The story is about a tight race to be the best car and win the Piston cup. The main contenders for the cup are Lightning McQueen the rookie contestant who was never herd of before the currant championship, The King who is the curent champion and Chick Hicks who has always finished seccond to The King. There is a big race and all three cars come a tie so a race is scheduled in a weeks time to decide the winner of the Piston Cup. If Lightning McQueen wins he will be the first rookie to win the cup in its whole history. There is only one problem. While he is traveling to location that the next race will be held he gets lost in the middle of nowhere because he falls out the back of his trailer while he is asleep. After a long searct to find his trailer he ends up being arested by the Sherrif and he ends up being chased into Radiator Springs by the police causing all sorts of damage to the roads. In the court he meets Sally and is sentanced to comunity service to fix the town. He now must fix the town so that he can go to the race and fixing the road is a long job. Lightning ends up being good friends with all the cars in Radiator but especialy with Sally and Mator who he becomed good friends with. When he finaly has his chance to leave all he can think about is that he will have to leave his friends but the press close in on his and he eventualy backs into his trailer and gets to the race on time. The big race draws many cars to watch but Lightning has his mind on other thing. Mid way through the race he is a lap down and things are looking bad when he sees his friends who have come to watch him. Seeing his friends inspires him to go on and he comes back to the other racers when Chick Hicks knocks The king out of the way saying that he won't come seccond to him again. Lightning is agead now but comes to a stop right infront of the line. Chick Hicks takes the race and celebrates but Lightning McQueen goes back to help The King who has been a racing ledgend for years and now after being pushed of the track on his last race is a wreck and Lightning McQueen pushes him over the line in front of himself. Lightning McQueen gave up his chance at glory to help a friend and met many new friends in the process.