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This is my blog on my trip to America to see my dad and visit all the interesting places around Texas.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Red Line Racing

The Red Line Race Track is an 1/8 mine drag trach where races are held regularly to anyone who wants to race. We went to see Pro Stock racers and it was very fun to watch. The fastest time I saw was 4.02 secconds. My favourite car was a blue Pontiac. It wasn't actualy that quick but it was the best looking car at the show. One part of the day that I wasn't expecting was when they sung the American National Anthem and it sounded different than I remembered it. There were also bikes and some drag cars at the races that ran slightly slower and I didn't find them very interesting. One of dads friends was at the race aswell but he was on the spectator side of the track (we were in the pits) and when we went over to see him he wasn't there anymore. We called him and he said that he had just left so we watched some more cars run on the other side. This time we were fight next to the finishing line which was no wehre near as good as being in the grandstand so we ended up going home because it was getting pretty late.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


There are ants all over our house and I have about 20 bites all over me. Terere seems to be no way to get rid of them. They usualy bite me when I am asleep ans the bites look like mosqueto bites and are just as itchy. Last night a rubbish bag was left out over night and the ants went crazy and were all over the kitchen. The best place that we have found that they don't get to is on top of the fridge. We keep all the cerial there. I opened a packet of pop tarts one day to pind it infested with ants. We bought some ant killer and put it out the front of the house and I think it is making it a bit better but not much. If anyone knows how to get rid of ants than please tell me.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem is currently the most played form of poker. It can be played with up to 8 players at a table. Players each recieve 2 cards and then 5 cards are later placed out on the table with several betting rounds between the 5 cards. Players still in at the end compare cards to see who has the best hand. I am not sure why it is called "TEXAS" Holdem when it is actualy illegal to gamble real money in Texas. Around where I am staying there are several places to play with play money which my dad does every week. I have been learning how to play Holdem with my dad and so far the best thing I have gotten was a 4 of a kind 7s. At one of my dads competitions he got a straight flush and still got beaten because another person has a higher straight. The game does have a lot of luck involved in it but if you bet right and fold when you need to that there is also a lot of skill involved. A good online poker site that i have found is and this is good because you can play with play money and it is played with an easy to understand interface. If you ever see me at a table my name is "StuartCat007".

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Disney Pixars Cars is a movie that can apeal to the whole family as most toher movies made by Pixar and Disney do. The story is about a tight race to be the best car and win the Piston cup. The main contenders for the cup are Lightning McQueen the rookie contestant who was never herd of before the currant championship, The King who is the curent champion and Chick Hicks who has always finished seccond to The King. There is a big race and all three cars come a tie so a race is scheduled in a weeks time to decide the winner of the Piston Cup. If Lightning McQueen wins he will be the first rookie to win the cup in its whole history. There is only one problem. While he is traveling to location that the next race will be held he gets lost in the middle of nowhere because he falls out the back of his trailer while he is asleep. After a long searct to find his trailer he ends up being arested by the Sherrif and he ends up being chased into Radiator Springs by the police causing all sorts of damage to the roads. In the court he meets Sally and is sentanced to comunity service to fix the town. He now must fix the town so that he can go to the race and fixing the road is a long job. Lightning ends up being good friends with all the cars in Radiator but especialy with Sally and Mator who he becomed good friends with. When he finaly has his chance to leave all he can think about is that he will have to leave his friends but the press close in on his and he eventualy backs into his trailer and gets to the race on time. The big race draws many cars to watch but Lightning has his mind on other thing. Mid way through the race he is a lap down and things are looking bad when he sees his friends who have come to watch him. Seeing his friends inspires him to go on and he comes back to the other racers when Chick Hicks knocks The king out of the way saying that he won't come seccond to him again. Lightning is agead now but comes to a stop right infront of the line. Chick Hicks takes the race and celebrates but Lightning McQueen goes back to help The King who has been a racing ledgend for years and now after being pushed of the track on his last race is a wreck and Lightning McQueen pushes him over the line in front of himself. Lightning McQueen gave up his chance at glory to help a friend and met many new friends in the process.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Flight Muesum

We got to go and see a flight museum in 2 big aircraft hangers where there were many different planes. One of these planes was having work done and we got to see them put the langing gear up while they were fixing it. There was also one helicopter in the hangers and a room up the back with lots of pictures and modles. There was a modle of a aircraft carying boat that lookes realy nice. All the details were perfect and one day I would like to try and make something similuar.

Moody Gardens

In Heuston there is a garden centre with water slides, animals, movies and many more things to do. When we visited the gardens we went into the rainforest. There were mostly a lot of different birds and fish in the rainforest. The most interesting ones were the carniverous fish that were up to a metre long. I liked the big cat fish that were in there but I was surprised that there were some very little fish in there with the other big ones. There was one bird that swoped past me and nearly hit my ear. I think there was another one that was fowlowing us around. The parots were much nicer and you could get right up close to them but the only thing that you could get clocer to was the ducks that would walk right past you like you wern't there.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mustang GT

I have noticed one thing about the US and that is that all the cars are so big. I even saw a ute with double back wheles but I have foung an exception and that is our Mustang GT. Last time I was here my dad had a different mustang but he sold it to bye this one when he saw it at a car show.

Johnson Space Centre.

This Space Center was a very interesting place to visit. We had to drive down to Heuston which took us a 5 hour drive. The centre included a tram tour which was what I found the most interestering. We got to see the old mission controll room which had a lot of old computers that were no more powerful then my laptop that I am using to write this blog. There were mission patches in the controll room that are designed by the the crew of the flights. We also got taken to a room where there were lots of rockets and different things being built.

There was also interactive activities including simulators and movies to watch. There was a lady that talked to us about NASA and she semed to know a lot about the histrory of space exploration. I found this to be very interesting and there was a lot to be learnt by being at the Johnson Space Centre. It had also changed a lot since we were last there over 10 years ago.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


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